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ЦТ 2006 по английскому языку варианты 1-2

Предлагаем вашему вниманию проверочную работу по материалам вариантов 1-2 тестов централизованного тестирования по английскому языку за 2006 год.

ЦТ 2006 по английскому языку 1-2 варианты

Part I
1. The place outside seems the most … site for a new park.
(suitable ) suitable|matching|becoming|comforting
2. She was asked to … a plan to improve the current situation.
(make ) take|do|make|work
3. They live on the … of a big city and feel cut off.
(outskirts ) regions|districts|outskirts|parts
4. He’ll have to wait another … of days before taking actions.
(couple ) couple|pair|part|few
5. We finally … on our plan to defeat them.
(agreed ) arrived|thought|agreed|discussed
6. The laboratory … research on rare plants from the Mediterranean.
(does ) carries|makes|gives|does
7. No one has … the problem of industrial wastes in that country.
( solved ) made|held| solved|completed
8. She stayed up all the night worrying, but finally … at a decision at the dawn.
(arrived ) came|arrived|achieved|went
9. They are … research on dolphins and whales.
(doing ) carrying|making|taking|doing
10. You are advised to … all your travel arrangements beforehand.
(make ) make|form|do|take
Part II
1. Your proposal was turned … .
(down ) out|up|away|down
2. You have to try hard not to let your parents … .
(down ) in|by|down|off
3. Once you fill … this form, you may go home.
(in ) at|with|in|on
4. I will give you a hand with chemistry … return.
(in ) at|for|in|by
5. She promised me to help … my math homework
(with ) in|with|about|to
6. There is no room … doubt. I am completely sure that it will be OK.
(for ) for|in|of|to
7. There were all sorts *** reasons why this was false.
(of ) for|out|down|of
8. We are completely different. We have nothing … common.
(in ) in|for|of|by
9. When you are … work, you’ll have to economise on everything.
(out of ) off|under|out of|over
10. Never take anything … granted. It will end one day.
(for ) in|up|on|for
11. I had to put a limit … going out with my friends.
(on ) for|up|on|off
12. There was no improvement *** her behaviour .
(in ) of|out|for|in
Part III
1.It’s essential to protect your skin against the *** effects of direct sunlight. (harm)
2.She’s not deliberately rude – she’s just a little *** sometimes. (think)
3.Experts think that the cancer cases in the area are *** to the nuclear power station. (relation)
4.A surprising percentage of the locals are ***. (literate)
5.He can never come up with new ideas – He has no *** at all. (imagine)
6. Let’s try and *** the task by minimising the stages to go through. (simple)
[1.harmful 2.thoughtless 3.related 4.illiterate 5.imagination 6.simplify]
Part IV
1.This place is not well-[known] for its high quality of service.
2.»I hope he will become succeed» «I hope so (тоже).» [ too ]
3.We’ll have to wait (еще) two days before we give a reply. [another]
4.We were standing (под дождем) waiting for him to arrive. [in the rain]
Part V
1.He made () considerable progress with physics. [ ]
2.Her home town is situated on () Severn. [the]
3.The place I would like to live is () North America. [ ]
4.He decided to go on a voyage around () Mediterranean. [the]

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