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ЦТ 2006 по английскому языку варианты 3-4

Предлагаем вашему вниманию проверочную работу по материалам вариантов 3-4 тестов централизованного тестирования по английскому языку за 2006 год.

ЦТ 2006 по английскому языку 3-4 варианты

Part I
1.Leave him …, he will make up his mind soon.
(alone ) lonely|single|alone|himself
2. It doesn’t matter whether you succeed or not, simply … your best.
(do ) make|act|do|perform
3.From time to time I treat myself to a … in a good cafe.
(meal ) snack|food|product|meal
4.People from low-*** areas were moved to other areas because of the floods.
(lying ) lying|laying|locating|situating
5.Most days I can’t be … watching the news.
( bothered ) affected|concerned| bothered|excited
6.Earthquakes … chaos across much of the island.
(caused ) provided|did|gave|caused
7.He earned a … as a highly efficient professional.
(reputation ) opinion|impression|honour|reputation
8.We’re … the children to summer camp. They will have a good rest there.
(sending ) sending|riding|offering|instructing
9.When will the version of this software be available to the general … ?
(public ) public|group|partners|population
10.I’d like to get … from such a crowded place as our capital city at the weekend.
(away ) away|up|on|across
Part II
1.I think this dress will suit you well. Why don’t you try it … .
(on ) out|off|up|on
2.She doesn’t approve … your idea to become an artist.
(of ) at|of|over|for
3.Though he was extremely tired, he carried … writing.
(on ) out|off|on|over
4.This dress seems to be short. We should put it … .
(in ) in|down|at|off
5.Let’s turn this shabby place … a shopper’s pardise.
(into ) down|into|to|out
6.He couldn’t agree with me … this matter.
(on ) for|at|about|on
7.I have put … extra weight. It’s time I started jogging.
(on ) up|through|on|forward
8.I am desperate … some sleep. I was up all night long.
(for ) of|to|for|with
9.Dr. Watson is said to have lived … Baker street 221B
(at ) in|to|on|at
10. … the end of each lesson we are given some time talk about it.
(At ) On|In|At|By
11. I’ll let you off *** this occasion.
(on ) at|up|in|on
Part III
1.You shouldn’t throw away this old table – it’s a *** antique. (value)
2.It is *** to cheat on other people. (legal)
3.Why don’t you vote – how can you be so *** to it! (different)
4.After some time her behaviour began to *** me. (irritation)
5.Travelling can help people *** their mind. (broad)
6.He was not the original ***. He used the work of another person. (create)
[1.valuable 2.illegal 3.indifferent 4.irritate 5.broaden 6.creator]
Part IV
1.They looked at *** other in silence, both equally puzzled.
2.She didn’t *** her secret to anyone, but him.
3.Please (снять) your boots before you enter the room.
4.Will you be (достаточно умным) to deal with this task?
[1.each 2.tell 3.takeoff 4.cleverenough]
Part V
1. I would like to visit … West Indies one day. [the]
2. Don’t worry! He is out of … danger. [ ]
3. … W/west France is a place to visit for everyone. [ ]
4. R/research you are doing is very important. [the]
5. We decided to take … trip around the harbour. [ a ]
6. … M/most students are quite good at mathematics here. [ ]

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