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ЦТ 2006 по английскому языку варианты 5-6

Предлагаем вашему вниманию проверочную работу по материалам вариантов 5-6 тестов централизованного тестирования по английскому языку за 2006 год.

ЦТ 2006 по английскому языку 5-6 варианты

Part I
1. You must *** giving away important information.
(avoid ) prevent|escape|avoid|fail
2. He *** part in preparation of the celebration of the event.
( took ) held| took|arranged|played
3. She’s decided to write a *** of electronic music.
(history ) story|calendar|autobiography|history
4. The nickname *** with her ever since their first meeting.
(stayed ) stopped|had|stayed|tied
5. During her musical career she *** over 30 records.
(made ) made|performed|staged|published
6. He didn’t *** about his results in case people thought he was showing off.
(talk ) gossip|utter|say|talk
7. I hope you won’t *** into trouble as a result of your recent mistakes .
(get ) appear|become|get |enter
8. The best *** of advice she gave him was not to borrow money.
(piece ) part|item|piece|point
9. He wanted his children to *** how to ride a horse.
(learn ) teach|instruct|learn|order
10. She was walking so *** I could hardly catch up with her.
(fast ) quick|aloud|fast|soft
Part II
1.It is a sensible idea to book accommodation … advance.
(in ) of|in|by|for
2.This custom traces back … the times of my great grandparents.
(to ) to|at|for|through
3.I have not approved … their foolishly brave plans.
(of ) for|by|with|of
4.If you want to earn respect you ought to be fair … all people.
(to ) over|to|with|in
5.This article focuses … some unknown facts about this kind of species.
(on ) for|on|into|at
6.I am afraid there is hardly any room … improvement as our resources are scarce.
(for ) off|above|in|for
7.Please complete your compositions … handwriting. No print-outs are allowed.
(in ) with|of|by|in
8.You are thought to be always … time for your lectures.
(on ) on|in|up|at
9.Once you provide me … all the materials I need I will make you a copy of it.
(with ) to|about|for|with
10.You ought to behave yourself not only … public places.
(in ) at|down|in|on
11.The press conference was put … because of her being unwell.
(off ) up|on|off|by
12.I can’t help you this time. I am busy … the previously planned assignments.
(with ) for|off|with|at
13.You have missed plenty … chances to avoid problems with the police.
(of ) for|of|down|by
Part III
The [length] of the fence was over 3 meters so he couldn’t climb it. (long)
We were [horrified] by what we had seen. (horror)
His [unpunctuality] cost him the job he wanted to get. (punctuality)
Though the [performer] was rather young, he could win the prize. (perform)
She was asked to [lengthen] the sleeve of the dress. (long)
He expressed his [dissatisfaction] with the service and threatened to contact the manager. (satisfy)

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