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Учим устойчивые словосочетания из Destination С1-2 Часть 12

В этой записи вы найдете устойчивые выражения по теме Relationships and people. Для закрепления материала вам предлагается упражнение-трешка, в котором нужно придумать слово, которое можно употребить в каждом из предложенных упражнений.

Учим устойчивые словосочетания Relationships and people

A close *** told me about it.
She’s my oldest *** — we’ve known each other since we were five.
He’s a *** of the family.
All our computer equipment will be replaced in the *** future.
All the young people from far and *** gathered at the high school for the game.
They won the championship, but it was a *** thing.
You may think you’re poor, but it’s all ***.
Sundry distant ***s, most of whom I hardly recognized, turned up for my brother’s wedding.
The donkey is a *** of the horse.
With a courage *** of necessity, she seized the gun and ran at him.
Mr Waigel is a Bavarian *** and bred who has little love for Bonn but none at all for the former Prussian capital.
One third of all children are *** into single-parent families.
As a ***, she preferred playing football with the boys to playing with dolls.
Abstract art is a *** of the 20th century.
Using computers nowadays is ***’s play compared to how difficult they were to use twenty years ago.
English is de facto the *** language of much of the world today.
It’s *** practice in the States to tip the hairdresser.
Rice formed the staple food of the *** people.
When facing an opponent of *** strength, Barker’s speed gives her a big advantage.
The two towns are roughly *** in size.
We will be justly demanding *** rights at work.
The government’s view is that raising taxes now would not be in the *** interest.
Some memorable moments also have come during the singing of the *** anthem.
The government taxed fuel highly in order to finance the *** debt.
My extended *** usually gets together at holidays.
Her *** tree included a former prime minister and the governor of Tokyo.
The party places great emphasis on *** values.
Can you *** her in that hat?
The main distinguishing *** of this species is the leaf shape.
Shane Meadows’ first *** film was ‘TwentyFourSeven’.
It was their twenty-fifth *** anniversary last week.
He had a *** invitation from Rob and Jen.
Beaverbrooks recommend you choose your *** ring about three months before the big day so that you have no last minute worries.
The younger *** smoke/smokes less than their parents did.
Three or four *** X’ers were in the antique store looking eagerly at some of those horrible old dinette chairs from the 1950s.
This study explores the *** gap between parents and their teenage children.
There are many people who would *** his idea.
«Which team do you ***?» «Chelsea.»
I signed a petition in *** of the campaign to end the marketing of baby milk in developing countries.
Philosophy is the *** of the sciences.
The bond between the *** country and her former colonies grew stronger.
She felt more comfortable talking in her *** tongue.
She had lost all *** for him.
She is a formidable figure who commands a great deal of ***.
In this ***, we are no different from other people.
The red squirrel is a *** of Britain.
Austen has been living in New Guinea so long he’s gone ***.
Their *** land consisted of a central plain surrounded by mountains.
You should talk to a *** counsellor about your problem.
She wrote her own *** vows.
Gerard Depardieu plays a French immigrant in a *** of convenience with Andie McDowell.
[1.friend 2.near 3.relative 4.born 5. child 6. common 7. equal 8. national 9. family 10. feature 11. wedding 12. generation 13. support 14. mother 15. respect 16. native 17. marriage]

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