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Употребление and в английском языке

Рассмотрим случаи употребления and в английском языке.
1) Когда мы соединяем два или более выражения, мы обычно ставим and перед последним.• We were wet and tired.
• She bought the whole lot — house, farm, horses and chickens.
2) В выражениях, состоящих из двух слов, мы часто ставим более короткое слово на первое место.
• He seemed to me very young and very lonely.
Некоторые выражения с and имеют фиксированный порядок слов, который мы не можем изменить:
hands and knees; knife and fork; bread and butter; fish and chips; men, women and children.
3) Мы обычно не используем and с прилагательными перед существительным:
• She looked pretty in a simple cotton dress.
• Our hotel room overlooked a pretty little fishing harbour.
• There were a lot of pretty pink flowers in the field.
Но когда прилагательные относятся к различным частям одной и той же вещи мы используем and.
• There were a lot of red and yellow leaves under the trees in the garden.
• There was very modern wooden and glass flour in our new museum.

My favourite subjects at school were … .
(Maths and Geography. ) Geography and Maths. |Maths and Geography.

I prefer to use … .
(a knife and fork ) a knife and fork| fork and a knife

… walked into the room.
(A lovely blonde creature ) A lovely blonde creature|A lovely and blonde creature

Would you like a piece of … with your tea?
( bread and butter ) butter and bread| bread and butter

This bread is … .
(lovely and fresh ) lovely fresh|lovely and fresh

They always serve … on Friday.
(fish and chips ) chips and fish|fish and chips

You really should go and see … in the castle.
(the lovely medieval court ) the lovely and medieval court|the lovely medieval court

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