Упражнение на предлоги и фразовые глаголы (ЦТ 2012 по английскому языку варианты 5-6)

Продолжаем публикацию упражнений на предлоги и фразовые глаголы из тестов ЦТ по английскому языку на основе материалов централизованного тестирования 2012 года вариантов 5-6.

Упражнение на предлоги и фразовые глаголы:

Our volunteers work *** direct contact with people who need help.
(in ) in|at|by|on
We’ve come *** a few problems that need resolving.
(across ) along|across|down with|over
The buildings need a lot of money spent *** them.
(on ) to|at|for|on
Many shoes are *** half price or less.
(at ) for|by|in|at
The firm has been dismissing experienced staff and replacing them *** younger people on lower salaries.
(with ) with|for|in|of
You must take *** account the boy’s long illness
(into ) for|at|into|with
Manufacturers have had to put their prices ***.
(up ) off|out|up|away
Head ache is a common reason *** absence from work
(for ) to|for|with|of

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