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Упражнение на словообразование к Destination B2 Unit 6

Этой публикацией продолжается серия статей с упражнениями на словообразование по учебнику Destination B2. В этой записи отрабатываем материал из юнита 6 (Science and technology).

Список закрепляемых слов и их форм к теме Science and technology

appear, appearance, apparently
build, builder, building
discover, discovery
explain, explanation
important, unimportant, importance, importantly
introduce, introduction, introductory
invent, inventor, invention
observe, observer, observation
possible, impossible, (im)possibility, (im)possibly
psychology, psychologist, psychological(ly)
research, researcher
revolution, revolutionary
science, scientist, (un)scientific(ally)
technology technological(ly), technical(ly), technician, technique
wood, wooden

Упражнение на словообразование FCE (Science and technology)

1. Did he offer any plausible (explanation) for his odd behaviour? EXPLAIN
2. (Apparently) it’s going to snow today. APPEAR
3. How did Jack know? And, more (importantly), what did he know? IMPORTANT
4. Marconi is said to have been the (inventor) of radio. INVENT
5. I thought the lead actor gave rather a (wooden) performance. WOOD
6. (Technically), the two sides have been in a state of war ever since 1970. TECHNOLOGY
7. This (invention) made a major contribution to microbiology. INVENT
8. The (researchers) have concluded that further studies are needed. RESEARCH
9. Their approach to the problem was very (unscientific). We can’t rely on their findings. SCIENCE
10. It is a (technologically) advanced society. TECHNOLOGY
11. (Psychologically), the defeat was devastating. They dropped out of the championship. PSYCHOLOGY
12. What you’re asking just can’t be done — it’s a(n) (impossibility). I am sorry. POSSIBLE
13. This (introductory) offer is for 2 days only. INTRODUCE
14. The fascination of (discovery) which lie ahead has never left him. DISCOVER
15. She made it (impossible) for him to say no. He had to participate in the activity she had planned. POSSIBILITY
16. She used to work as a sound (technician) in a recording studio. TECHNOLOGY
17. She used to be so fussy about her (appearance)… APPEAR
18. Many people attach great (importance) to having good looks. IMPORTANT
19. As for public (buildings), I still like visiting the Getty Museum. BUILD
20. His ideas were considered to be (revolutionary) at the time. REVOLUTION
21. Researchers hope to develop more accurate testing (techniques). TECHNOLOGY
22. He was (impossibly) handsome. Any girl could have fallen for him. POSSIBLE
23. In hospital he will be under (observation) all the time. OBSERVE
24. There’s no point in arguing about something so (unimportant). IMPORTANT
25. The teacher gave a brief (introduction) to the course. INTRODUCE
Для ознакомления с ответами вам нужно выделить пробелы. Первую часть вы найдете по ссылке. Продолжение публикации доступно здесь.
Это задание на словообразование по теме Science and technology создано для закрепления лексики и развития навыка word formation на уровне FCE.

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