Упражнение на словообразование по материалам ЦТ 2015 по английскому языку. Часть 4

Завершаем публикацию упражнения, основанного на тестах централизованного тестирования 2015 года
Дополнительные упражнения на словообразование вы найдете тут.

Словообразование к централизованному тестированию

Copies of the report have been made (widely) available. WIDE
You’ll be (uncomfortable) for a few days after the surgery. COMFORT
Slowly and (carefully) I swam round the dark walls of the castle. CARE
There is no way out of here. We’ve tried everything — it’s (hopeless). HOPE
We’ve contacted him on (numerous) occasions. NUMBER
(Friendship) often develops on the basis of shared interests. FRIEND
Everybody wants a more (peaceful) world. PEACE
She spent a (restless) night worrying about her exam. REST
He is very quick-thinking and very much a man of (decision) and action. DECIDE
Children should be (encouraged) to read all kinds of books. COURAGE

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