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Упражнение на словообразование в английском языке Часть 6

Продолжаем публикацию упражнений на словообразование. Часть 6 основана на материалах книги FCE Use of English V.Evans.

Упражнение на словообразование

For many people going to faraway places is a form of (escapism). ESCAPE
He was (unable) to play hockey after the injury. ABLE
The research (examines) the effects of alcohol on memory. EXAM
The colleagues has helped me with the (organisation) of the event. ORGANISE
At the (beginning) of the century people travelled from Britain to America by sea. BEGIN
A computer controls the (activation) of brakes. ACT
Her new interview has generated a lot of (excitement). EXCITE
You and I must be (truthful) with each other. TRUE
He had no sense of the (importance) of the situation. IMPORTANT
The vast (majority) of patients are relatively young. MAJOR
My teacher expects (perfection) from all of us. PERFECT
It’s (understandable) that mistakes were made. UNDERSTAND
Thanks to her (skillful) management, profits are up this year. SKILL
The book is an account of the (discovery) of an unknown town. DISCOVER
Try calculating your budget for a (typical) week. TYPE
She seemed (nervous) at first, but her performance was good. NERVE
They are looking for graduates with (qualifications) in chemistry and biology. QUALIFY
They have not given any public (performances) for several years. PERFORM
The local people showed me great (hospitality). HOST
It is impossible to prove the (existence) of the supernatural. EXIST
There were (explanatory) notes with each diagram. EXPLAIN
Confidence is an essential (requirement) for success. REQUIRE
In today’s economy, you need to have very specific skills to (succeed). SUCCESS
The (probability) of getting all the answers correct is about one in twenty five. PROBABLE
The detectives were (anxious) to speak to anyone who witnessed the accident. ANXIETY
His books have always been a source of (inspiration) for me. INSPIRE
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