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Упражнения на трансформацию Часть 1

Этой записью мы начинаем серию упражнений известных как перифраз или более официально key word transformation. Лексической основой станет Destination B2 (Travel and transport), а грамматика будет заимствоваться из FCE Use of English by V. Evans. Представляем вашему вниманию первую часть.

Упражнение на трансформацию FCE (Travel and transport)

1.Perhaps she has gone away as I haven’t seen her at work lately.
She (may/might have gone away) as I haven’t seen her at work lately.
2.He will probably make for Warsaw.
He (is likely to make) for Warsaw.
3.His tuition fee is too high for me.
His tuition fee (is not low enough) for me
4.We found the view out of our rooms fascinating.
We (were fascinated by the view) out of our rooms.
5.It’s ten years since I travelled worldwide.
I (have not travelled worldwide for) ten years.
6.When did you go sightseeing?
How long (is it since you went) sightseeing?
7.He has decided to head for Africa; we can’t stop him.
We (can’t prevent him from heading) for Africa.
8.He didn’t go in that direction because he didn’t want to meet her.
He didn’t go in that direction (so as not to meet) her.
9.Routes A & B are thought to be alike.
Route A (is similar to route) B.
10.I have never paid such a high fee.
It (is the highest fee I have )ever paid.
11.Under no circumstances should you try to cross any border illegally.
Under no circumstances (should a border be crossed) illegally.
12.It is still possible to book a room with a view over the lake during a tourist season.
A room with a view over the lake (can be booked) during a tourist season.
13.»What about going sightseeing tonight?» asked Mary.
Marry (suggested going sightseeing that) night.
14.»You must keep up with the rest of the class.», she said.
She (insisted on my keeping) up with the rest of the class.
15.I was about to pull in and talked to them when I realised that it was unsafe.
I would have pulled in (if I hadn’t realised) that it was unsafe.
16.He only exceeds speed limit when he is late.
Only when he is late, (does he exceed ) speed limit.
17.If the timetable changes, we will inform you.
We will inform you, (should the timetable change).
18.Like many local people, I dislike noisy tourists so does Ann.
Like many local people, (neither I, nor Ann like(s)) noisy tourists
19.If you arrange the holiday on your own, it will be better.
If you (arrange the holiday by yourself), it will be better.

Продолжение по этой теме доступно здесь.

Это задание на перефраз по теме Travel and transport создано для закрепления лексики и развития навыка keyword transformation на уровне FCE.

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