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Упражнения на трансформацию Часть 13

Продолжаем серию упражнений известных как перифраз или более официально key word transformation. Лексической основой станет Destination B2 (Fashion and design), а грамматика будет заимствоваться из FCE Use of English by V. Evans. Представляем вашему вниманию тринадцатую часть.

Упражнение на трансформацию FCE (Fashion and design)

1.It would be a good idea not to dye hair every two weeks.
You ( should not dye hair ) every two weeks.
2.It wasn’t necessary for him to put on such a strange costume for a job interview.
He ( needn’t have put on ) such a strange costume for a job interview.
3.I suppose it is interesting to attend an art exhibition.
I suppose (attending an art exhibition is) interesting.
4.She prefers wearing everyday clothes to fashionable ones.
She prefers ( to wear everyday clothes rather) than fashionable ones.
5.It is the first time she has drawn up such a clever plan.
She (has never drawn up such) a clever plan.
6.She started applying make-up a year ago.
She (has been applying make-up for) a year.
7.You should dress up if you go to a fancy-dress party.
You should dress up (in the event that) you go to a fancy-dress party.
8.She was stylish but she couldn’t become a fashion designer.
Stylish (though she was, she couldn’t) become a fashion designer.
9.He is the most unsuccessful advertiser I have ever seen.
I have (never seen such an unsuccessful) advertiser.
10.As longer we work, we get less enthusiastic.
The (longer we work the less) enthusiastic we become.
11.Ann has advised me to paint nails bright red.
I (have been advised to paint) nails bright red.
12.I’d better get a barber to cut my hair.
I’d better ( have my hair cut ) by a barber.
13.»I am the most popular fashionable designer here » she said.
She (boasted of being the most popular) fashionable designer there.
14.»I’ll never forget the way he complemented me on this unusual pattern.» she said.
She (said that she would never forget) the way he had complemented her on that unusual pattern.
15.She couldn’t do away with the pattern as it was rare.
Hadn’t the pattern (been rare she would have) done away with it.
16.Why did you tear up that scheme?
If (I were you I wouldn’t have torn) that scheme.
17.He had barely finished showing them around when a new group of tourists came.
Barely ( had he finished showing them) around when a new group of tourists came.
18.She didn’t criticise me once for my mistakes.
Not (once did she criticise me) for my mistakes.
19.The new collection was attractive and successful as well.
The new collection (was both attractive and) successful.
20.He sat by himself glancing at visitors to the cafe.
He sat (on his own glancing) at visitors to the cafe.
Это задание на перефраз по теме Fashion and design создано для закрепления лексики и развития навыка keyword transformation на уровне FCE.
Первую часть упражнения вы найдете здесь. Последнюю часть данной серии вы найдете тут.

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