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Упражнения на трансформацию Часть 14

Продолжаем серию упражнений известных как перифраз или более официально key word transformation. Лексической основой станет Destination B2 (Work and business), а грамматика будет заимствоваться из FCE Use of English by V. Evans. Представляем вашему вниманию последнюю часть.

Упражнение на трансформацию FCE (Work and business).

1.I am certain John will set up a new company soon.
John (is likely to set up) a new company soon.
2.Was it necessary for them to fire George?
Did (they have to fire) George?
3.Could you speed up a little?
Would (you mind speeding up) a little?
4.He took three month to bring out a new version of his software.
It (took him three month to bring) out a new version of his software.
5.I have never seen to this problem before.
It is the (first time I have ever seen) to this problem.
6.She hasn’t made a complaint for a month.
The last (time she made a complaint was) a month ago.
7.Always do your best if you don’t want to be fired.
Always do your best ( to avoid being ) fired.
8.Fill in an application form. Someone may be made redundant.
Fill in an application form (in case someone is) made redundant.
9.Our employer is rather helpful to novices.
Our employer (behaves in a helpful way) with novices.
10.I have never taken on such an industrious employee.
She is (the most industrious employee I have) ever taken on.
11.We haven’t reached an agreement yet.
An (agreement haven’t been reached) by us yet.
12.Will you ask Mark to stand in for you on Monday?
Will (you have Mark stand in) for you on Monday?
13.»Do go to an interview and try to get this job.» She said to me.
She (urged me to go to) an interview and try to get that job.
14.»Please, please don’t send a letter of complaint to the heat office» he cried.
He (begged not to send) a letter of complaint to the heat office.
15.It would have been better if you hadn’t backed out all the time.
If (only you hadn’t backed) out all the time.
16.You should have taken a decision by now.
It (is time you took) a decision.
17.He did so badly at the interview that he didn’t get the job.
So (badly did he do) that he didn’t get the job.
18.They didn’t expect that the union would call for a strike.
Little (did they expect that) the union would call for a strike.
19.There weren’t many reliable employees to do the job.
There (were few reliable employees) to do the job.
20.I haven’t had any luck applying for a job so far.
I have (had no luck applying for) a job so far.

Это задание на перефраз по теме Work and business создано для закрепления лексики  и развития навыка keyword transformation на уровне FCE.
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