Упражнения на трансформацию. Часть 3

Продолжаем серию упражнений известных как перифраз или более официально key word transformation. Лексической основой станет Destination B2 (Science and technology), а грамматика будет заимствоваться из FCE Use of English by V. Evans. Представляем вашему вниманию третью часть.

Упражнение на трансформацию FCE (Science and technology)

1.Was it necessary for you to take that photograph?
Did (you need to take) that photograph?
2.Shall I make an attempt at calculating the outcome of the experiment?
Would (you mind me making) an attempt at calculating the outcome of the experiment?
3.She was allowed to turn off the equipment.
They (allowed her to turn) off the equipment.
4.They started doing research two weeks ago.
They (have been doing research for) two weeks.
5.It is the most difficult experiment I have ever performed.
I (have never performed such a) difficult experiment.
6.He plugged in his computer to read an important document.
He plugged in his computer ( with a view to reading ) an important document.
7.She made a phone call first, because she didn’t want to cause any problems.
She made a phone call first ( for fear of causing )any problems.
8.His invention was the most important one of all offered.
His invention was (more important than any) offered.
9.As an experiment becomes more complex, it results in less accurate calculations.
The (more complex experiment is the) less accurate calculations will be.
10.We have to work out a solution to the problem.
A solution to the problem (has to be worked) out.
11.I don’t appreciate people explaining simple things to me.
I don’t appreciate ( being explained simple) things to me.
12.»You’d better not make up false results or you will be in trouble.» she said to me.
She (warned me not to make) up false results or I would be in trouble.
13.»Don’t forget to carry out all the tests.» she told them.
She (reminded them to carry out) all the tests.
14.You would think he got an award for revolutionary discovery.
He behaves (as though he had got) an award for revolutionary discovery.
15.You should have come on with your research.
It’s (time you had come) on with your research.
16.He didn’t understand that he had made a mistake in the beginning.
Little (did he understand) that he had made a mistake in the beginning.
17.His colleagues and his parents want the experiment to come off.
His colleagues want the experiment to come off; (so do his) parents.
18.The introduction was so great that everyone was enthusiastic about further development.
So (great was the introduction) that everyone was enthusiastic about further development.
19.I like working alone in a scientific laboratory.
I like working (by myself) in a scientific laboratory.
20.There are only a few true scientists.
There (are not many) true scientists.
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Это задание на перефраз по теме Science and technology создано для закрепления лексики  и развития навыка keyword transformation на уровне FCE.