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Устойчивые выражения по теме liking и disliking

В этой публикации мы разберем и закрепим на практике устойчивые выражения по теме liking и disliking, научимся говорить о том, что нам нравится или не нравится.

Список устойчивых выражений по теме liking и disliking

absolute/all-time favourite — любимец на все время
ardent/dedicated fan — ревностный (верный) фанат
cater for sb’s tastes — стремиться учесть вкусы
clear/strong preference — сложившееся предпочтение
deep/deep-rooted hatred — глубокая ненависть
don’t relish the thought of — не могу и думать о том что случиться если
fill with admiration — восхищаться кем-то
give sb pleasure -доставлять кому-то удовольствие
great/huge pleasure — громадное удовольствие
great/passionate love — пылкая любовь
greatest/highest regard — глубокое уважение
have a particular/genuine liking — искренняя симпатия
have no sympathy — не иметь симпатии по отношению к
huge/strong aversion — сильное отвращение
intense/instant dislike — мгновенная неприязнь
keen admirer — большой поклонник
sheer/great enjoyment — большое удовольствие
state preferences — отдать предпочтение
take pleasure — испытывать удовольствие от
take pride in — гордиться чем-то

Упражнения на устойчивые выражения по теме liking и disliking

This movie has always been my all-time [favourite].
What, She wondered, had she done to cause such deep-rooted [hatred]?
He did so out of sheer [enjoyment]. He simply loved animals.
She had taken a genuine [liking] to him.
He wrote about his passionate [love] for her only to receive no reply.
He takes great [pleasure] in boasting about his good looks.
My love of law is almost equal to my strong [aversion] to lawyers.
I am filled with [admiration] for her breathtaking performance.
We have a range of hotels which [cater] for all tastes and budgets
She is one of their most ardent [fans].
In some countries, there is still a strong [preference] for men.
He did not [relish] the thought of joining them for a while.
She takes [pride] in her beautiful daughters.
I had the greatest [regard] for his remarkable achievements.
Girls tend to [state] a preference for dark chocolate.
Rivals often take an instant [dislike] to each other

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