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Устойчивые выражения по теме study and learning

В этой публикации мы разберем и закрепим на практике устойчивые выражения по теме study and learning, научимся говорить об учебе и образовании.

Список устойчивых выражений по теме study and learning

sit, take —>; an exam — сдавать экзамен
carry out, conduct —>; research — проводить расследование
enroll on, take —>; a course — изучать курс
study for, take —>; a degree — учиться для получения степени
study, take —>; a subject — изучать предмет
write —>; an essay/assignment — писать эссе
give —>; a lecture/a talk — читать лекцию выступать с речью
obtain, be awarded —>; a degree — получить степень
receive, be given —>; a grade — получить оценку
obtain, acquire —>; a qualification — получить квалификацию
receive —>; an education — получить образование
attend a lecture — посещать лекцию
class is held — уроки проводятся
continuous assessment — постоянное оценивание учебной деятельности
first/final draft — первый/последний черновик
further education — дополнительное образование
give feedback — давать оценку учебной деятельности
give/hand in an essay — сдать эссе
higher/tertiary education — высшее образование
keep a notebook — вести записи
leave/withdraw from a course — бросить курс
send in/submit an application — прислать заявление

Упражнения на устойчивые выражения по теме study and learning

It is another two years before they [sit/take] their university entrance exam.
He showed me the [final] draft of his letter before printing it.
All applications should be [submitted] as early as possible.
He wants to [conduct] basic research into the case.
Student progress is monitored by means of [continuous] assessment.
Not enough students are [studying] for degrees in Physics.
It is important to [give] students regular feedback on their performance.
I’ve recently [attended] a lecture by a noted mathematician.
He had to [withdraw] from the course because of illness.
Most of our teachers have reached some form of tertiary [education].
After [obtaining] a degree, he decided against teaching.
We [enrolled] on the history course and learned something about the castle.

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