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Словообразование (CAE) Часть 13

И вот снова упражнения по словообразованию к учебнику Destination C1-C2 Для подготовки к централизованному тестированию должно хватить и Destination B2, но если вы хотите подстраховаться и уже выучили Destination B*, то можете заглянуть и в старший учебник из данной серии. Один из моих учеников в свое время залистав до дыр Grammar and Vocabulary for First Certificate принялся читать Grammar and Vocabulary for Cambridge Advanced and Proficiency. Не уверен, что это было нужно делать, но его результат на ЦТ был 99. Лишних знаний не бывает.

Упражнение на словообразование (CAE)

1. Both clay and sandstone are unstable rock formations. [stable]
2. He is an outstanding athlete and deserved to win. [stand]
3. Gold is seen by many investors as a safe haven in times of economic and political instability. [stable]
4. He continued throughout to restate his opposition to violence… [state]
5. Her husband was unsympathetic and she felt she had no one to turn to. [sympathy]
6. Injuries notwithstanding, he won the semi-final match. [stand]
7. It is a long-term task to rebuild the infrastructure of a war-torn country such as Angola. [structure]
8. It was this passion for fast cars that led to his untimely death at the age of 43. [time]
9. Mars has an insubstantial atmosphere, consisting almost entirely of carbon dioxide… [substance]
10. Most teenage romances are transitory. [transit]
11. Our toys are designed to withstand the rough treatment of the average five-year-old. [stand]
12. People tending to make false confessions are likely to be highly suggestible and compliant individuals. [suggest]
13. She is regarded as an upstanding citizen in the local community. [stand]
14. She mistimed her stroke and the ball went into the net. [time]
15. She soon found herself typecast as a dizzy blonde. [type]
16. She’s been in bed with the flu and she’s still a bit unsteady on her feet. [steady]
17. Some thoughtful person had taken her bag to the lost property office. [think]
18. Street gangs have been terrorizing the neighbourhood. [terror]
19. The caffeine in coffee acts as a stimulant. [stimulate]
20. The conflict had a seriously destabilizing effect on the region. [stable]
21. The era of silent movies ended when talkies were introduced. [talk]
22. The new textbook provided a good stimulus for both teachers and students. [stimulate]
23. The police could have charged them with threatening behaviour… [threat]
24. The steering and braking are exactly what you want from a sporty car. [sport]
25. They captured the last stronghold of the presidential guard. [strong]
26. This may have been an improvement, but `breakthrough’ was an overstatement… [state]
27. To say that her resignation was a shock would be an understatement — it caused panic. [state]
28. With her cropped hair and her mannish clothes, she typifies the sort of feminist often feared by men.[type]
29. You can’t imagine what it would be like to have your child die — it’s quite unthinkable. [think]
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