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Словообразование (CAE) Часть 3

Третья часть материалов для работы по теме словообразование на уровне CАЕ. Ответы, как всегда белым шрифтом.

Упражнение на словообразование (CAE)

1. Discontentment among junior ranks was rapidly spreading. [content]
2. Even more confusingly, they have the same first name. [confuse]
3. He argued that morality could be conceptualized as a series of principles based on human reason. [conceive]
4. In the classless society, everyone will work for the good of all, not to gain private value. [class]
5. It’s too early to predict the outcome of the meeting. [come]
6. Many academics remain unconvinced of the need for change. [convince]
7. Many government documents are declassified after 50 years. [class]
8. Never try to mend a broken machine without disconnecting it from the electricity supply. [connect]
9. New machinery has enhanced the company’s productivity and competitiveness. [compete]
10. She has a staff of four who collectively earn almost $200 000. [collect]
11. She is canny and classy, a more-than-capable combination of brains and beauty. [class]
12. She was thrown from his car after it skidded into the path of an oncoming car. [come]
13. She’s trying to make a comeback with her first album for twenty years. [come]
14. The collection is conservatively valued at three million dollars. [conserve]
15. The couple were having continual arguments and they decided that the best thing to do was to split up. [continue]
16. The idea that they might not win was inconceivable to them. [conceive]
17. The machines have remained in continuous service over the last six years without any problem. [continue]
18. The minister believes that higher taxes would make industry uncompetitive. [compete]
19. The problems of poverty, homelessness and unemployment are all interconnected. [connect]
20. The rewards offered to those who did so were not inconsiderable. [consider]
21. Their resolute opposition to new working methods was difficult to overcome. [come]
22. There has been no continuity in that class — they’ve had a succession of different teachers. [continue]
23. There is little evidence that juvenile criminality is increasing at a very much greater rate than crime in general. [criminal]
24. There is still no mobile phone system, no credit cards and no convertible currency. [convert]
25. We’ve lived here for 15 years, but we’re relative newcomers to the village. [come]

Предлагаемый материал по теме «Word formation (CAE)» предлагается для организации занятий или самостоятельного изучения словообразования в английском языке на уровне advanced (C1), а также подготовки к сдаче экзамена CAE или его эквивалентов.
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Сентябрь 3, 2014