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Закрепляем лексику по теме Friends and relations

Очередной набор дефиниций типовой лексики по изучаемой теме (Friends and relations), объединенный в одно упражнение.

Упражнение на лексику по теме Friends and relations

1.If you *** someone, you believe that they are honest and sincere and will not do harm to you.
2.If you *** someone or something, you take action so as to protect them.
3.A *** is a set of rooms for living in, usually on one floor and part of a larger building.
4.A *** is two people who are married.
5.If you say that a person is ***, you mean that he is fashionable and attractive.
6.You say that people are *** to each other when they like each other very much and know each other very well.
7.If you *** someone, you have a good opinion of their ideas.
8.*** industries and services are owned or controlled by an individual person .
9.When you *** to someone, you say that you are sorry that you have caused trouble for them.
10.If you are *** about something, you are certain that it will happen in the way you want.
11.If you are *** for something that someone has done for you, you have friendly feelings towards them and wish to thank them.
12.Someone who is *** remains firm in their friendship or support.
13.Someone who is *** demonstrates love to other people.
14.A *** is someone who is visiting you or is at an event because you have invited them.
15.If you *** something, you regularly pay its owner a sum of money in order to be able to have it and use it yourself.
16.The *** of a place or person is the area or the people around them.
17.If you *** someone or something, you know who that person is or what that thing is.
18.Your *** is the way you are feeling at a particular time.
19.Someone’s *** is a male with whom they are having a romantic relationship.
20.Your *** are the members of your family.
21.*** people or things are normal and not special in any way.
22.If you *** someone to something, you cause them to learn about it for the first time.
23.If one thing or person is *** of another, they are separate and not connected.
24.If you are ***, you stay calm and do not get annoyed, for example when something takes a long time, or when someone is not doing what you want them to do.
25.Someone who is *** is not married.
26.If you *** something, you make it more attractive by adding things to it.
27.If two people are ***, they do not know each other.
28.Someone’s *** is a female with whom they are having a romantic relationship.
29.Someone who is ***from their former spouse is no longer legally married to them.
30.A *** person gives more of something, especially money, than is expected.

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Июль 10, 2015
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